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The Little Tour of Belfast

Discover Belfast’s Hidden Radical Past and It’s Vibrant New Future

Hidden Belfast offers a fantastic opportunity for locals and visitors such as cruise ship passengers, student groups and travelers to explore this wonderful city. If you’re looking for a fun and informative one-to-two-hour tour of Belfast City Centre, then look no further! Based on our books, “Hidden Belfast” and “The Little Book of Belfast”, you’ll hear fascinating stories of Belfast’s past, and discover what is hidden in plain sight. You’ll also get to know the people and places that make up this amazing city.


During the tour, our expert guides will take you to see historic churches and entries, and show you what to see and do in Belfast. They’ll also share with you the unique humour that makes Belfast special. You’ll see the very best of Belfast, and come away with an unforgettable experience. So if you’re a local looking to discover more about your home city, or a visitor looking for an exciting tour, Hidden Belfast is the perfect choice for you! You’ll see the very best Belfast has to offer with tour guides who bring the city to life and make it an experience you won’t forget.

Discover Hidden Gems Of Belfast

Discover the hidden gems of Belfast with our Little Walking Tour. The perfect introduction to the city, with great fun and informative one- to two-hour tours from the authors of “Hidden Belfast” and “The Little Book of Belfast”. From historic landmarks, music, the arts to trendy cafes, this tour will take you on a journey through the heart of the city.

Walking Belfast to learn about Belfast

Hear stories of Belfast’s past, explore what is hidden in plain sight, and get to know the people and places that make up the city. Discover the entries and historic churches, what to see and do, and the humour that makes Belfast unique. You’ll see the very best Belfast has to offer with tour guides who bring the city to life and make it an experience you won’t forget.

Belfast Walking Tour Reviews

Mya Badhan
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As a 20 year old, I feel so privileged to have experienced Arthur's amazing tour around Belfast! Arthur is intrinsically connected to Belfast and that comes across in his extremely knowledgeable, dynamic and enjoyable tour that details the Troubles and their legacy. Arthur himself is an amazing pillar of the community and guide, and I honestly can't recommend him enough! I was fully captivated throughout the tour and I can't thank Arthur enough for the opportunity of such an informative insight into Belfast's history.
Chiara B
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Arthur gave us an amazing tour of Belfast! He showed us how the troubles have left their marks on the city and as he called it 'are hidden in plain sight"! It was really interesting and we probably would have never seen the things without him pointing them out to us! Would definitely do another tour with him!
Attila Süle
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Arthur's tour is so good that I did it twice - first alone, then a year later with my girlfriend. You can get a great picture of today's Belfast, a lot of historical information about culture, subculture and of course the troubles. Although we are not native English speakers (and also not that good) we had no problems understanding Arthur: you will surely remember Arthur's speeches and jokes for many years. I can recommend the “Experiment Belfast” tour to everyone. Belfast has many legends, Arthur is one of them!
Chris G
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It’s been a busy summer for city breaks but with help from our wonderful guide Steve we ended on a real high. His great depth of knowledge and languid style took us seamlessly from the depths of the last ice age through to the Pride festival of 2019 with major stopping points along the way (literally!) Ever sensitive to the demands of the younger audience Steve kept the dark days light enough without being at all glib, and had us hunting for elephants with a chocolate reward for the winner (just keep your eyes peeled). Belfast was a city we thought we knew. Ha! So much more to learn and thanks to Steve for opening it all up.
Reena Amir
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My first visit to Belfast and I found a flyer for this walking tour in my hotel and booked it on a spur. Arthur met us at the city hall and took us round Belfast explaining many things in the city's difficult history. Lots of information interspersed with his good humour. He pointed out some nice places to eat and drink. We had ear pieces so we could hear him speaking while we walked. He played us some music he wrote and read to us his music, told us about his experiences; it all added the personal touch. All in all it was informative, interesting and Arthur was such a pleasant person.
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We met Arthur outside City Hall along with another family of 3 so a total of 5 persons on the tour. His knowledge was most impressive and he made the tour so interesting (and amusing too)! We went to places we would never have seen and learned so much about the history of Belfast. Highly recommend to everyone.

Hidden Belfast Walking Tour

The Little Tour Of Belfast

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