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Belfast Walking Tours

Discover the vibrant city of Belfast with our award-winning walking tours. Whether you’re interested in history, politics, culture or just looking for a fun way to explore the city, our experienced guides will provide you with an in-depth and unforgettable experience. 


Our tours stand out for their commitment to quality and enthusiasm. We don’t just walk around aimlessly, we provide insightful stories and detailed information about the most fascinating sights in Belfast. Our friendly and charming guides ensure that your tour is both informative and fun. 


Don’t just take our word for it – we have a stellar reputation on major tourism social media channels with countless five-star reviews from satisfied customers. We know what we’re talking about. We love Belfast so much we wrote a book on it and we love sharing Belfast with you. Join us and discover the very best of Belfast, we can’t wait to show you around. Book your spot on one of our walking tours today!

Belfast Walking Tour Reviews

Nathan Thanki
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I first did this tour with Arthur in 2009, when I was showing Belfast to a friend visiting from Canada. I have since taken overseas friends on Arthur‘s tour many times and have seen how he has developed his ideas and refined the tour into be what I consider to be the best walking tour in Belfast. With Arthur you will get an insight into the city and it’s complicated histories that you will never forget. It’s unfair to summarise the tour as a Troubles tour as it covers so many different issues and periods of the city’s history, but of course the Troubles are unavoidable so you will cover some painful episodes of our past. 10/10 tour, you will not be disappointed. Edited to add that you should also try to get your hands on both Arthur’s “Little Book of Belfast” and his friend and colleague Raymond O’Reagan’s “Hidden Belfast” to take home after your visit!
Tatiana G
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Arthur’s tour was really fun and informative. I recommend this to anyone interested in listening to the real stories of Belfast, how the city came about, it’s past and present. Arthur is also really fun, he even brings in his own music
Sandro Frehner
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We loved the Tour with Arthur. It was the best, most honest city tour we've ever done. Arthur has a wealth of knowledge about Belfast and it's rich, but also troubled history. He also mixes in some nice touches like playing music and his great sense of humour. It was only the two of us that booked the tour on this monday morning, but Arthur still came out to do the Tour with us, which we really appreciated. The tour certainly left a lasting impression on us. If you're looking for an honest, informative, very personal and well thought out tour that differts from the standard we-rush-you-to-all-sights-in-record-time tours you get elsewhere, then look no further and book this tour right now.
Matt C
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Excellent walking tour with extremely knowledgeable guide. Very authentic description of the history of the troubles seeded with the personal experiences of the guide. Good at explaining the complexities of the situation. Have been on tour before and would repeat it when visiting Belfast again. A good balance between not sugarcoating or downplaying the issues whilst at the same time interjecting appropriate humour and light relief from a serious subject which has had horrendous effects over such a prolonged period. Many thanks Arthur and hope to see you again
Glen Gauci
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Arthur is very well informed and captivates you with his talk about the troubles. Recommended when visiting Belfast especially if you are a history buff!
David G
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This tour was excellent and great for anyone who wants to understand more about this part of Northern Irelands history. Arthur is very knowledgeable and draws on his own experiences to bring events to life. He peppers the tour with humour but doesn’t shy away from the shocking reality of what actually happened. Thoroughly recommended

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