The original Belfast walking tour

Started in 2009 as a free walking tour, Experience Belfast is the original walking tour for Belfast City Centre. We consistently deliver quality walking tours that are informative and fun  and we’re the only walking tour in city centre Belfast to have been inducted into the Trip Advisor Hall of Fame. Every year, since we started, we’ve received a Trip Advisor ‘Certificate of Excellence’  (9 in total) and we’ve received international media recognition. We aim to provide you with an experience that will stay with you long after you’ve returned home. The tours are factually based with a personal touch and we know what we’re talking about as we’ve literally written a book on Belfast, ‘The Little Book of Belfast‘. We lead where others follow.


We offer two walking tours, a long tour that examines in detail the complexities of the situation and a shorter tour whose main focus is sightseeing. Both tours offer a glimpse of Hidden Belfast, a city where a lot is hidden in plain sight, as well as tips on places to eat, things to do. Both tours finish at a building which sits at the centre of Irish history and is a hidden gem. We look at the dark as well as the light. The troubles and the terror, the music, the arts and culture and our hidden history. Of course you’ll see the sights but it’s often what you don’t see, hidden in plain sight or just below the surface, that’s of greater significance. The tours run daily, you can buy tickets up to 10pm the night before but if you don’t want to commit, please call or e mail us so we know you’re coming.

There’s More to Belfast than Walls – (Long Tour 2.5 hours)
This tour is aimed at people who want to dig a little deeper, to understand the past with an eye to the future. It is in and around Belfast City Centre and the sights include Belfast City Hall, the ’Entries’, Albert Clock, the Lagan, the Big Fish and the Cathedral Quarter. We finish at a building that is a hidden gem in Belfast’s story and is a monument to positivity. It covers the ‘troubles’, bombs in the city centre, terror, economics, politics and religion. We also look at the arts, the vibrancy of a complex city, the music, drama and poetry as well as the people which is our greatest selling point. It is not a standard sightseeing tour although there are opportunities for this. Our intention is to provide the best overview and understanding of Belfast and place it in the context of a fast changing world. It’s also really good fun.

Hidden Belfast – (Short Tour 1 hour 15 minutes)
This tour is around 1 hour 15 minutes and looks at Hidden Belfast both historically and in the present day. It is in and around Belfast City Centre and the sights include Belfast City Hall, the ’Entries’, Albert Clock and the Cathedral Quarter. We finish at a building that is a hidden gem in Belfast’s story and is a monument to positivity. The tour covers Belfast’s Hidden History both recent and modern. It’s also good fun.

Belfast Day Tour: 5.5 to 6 hours
Combines ‘There’s More to Belfast than Walls’ with a fabulous two course pub lunch followed by a famous Black Taxi Tour. We know the city, we know who delivers, we take the chance out of your experience. If your time in Belfast is short, this is the best way to see and understand Belfast in a day.


Walking Tours

We run walking tours in the City Centre of Belfast. You can choose between our award-winning 2.5 hour tour called “There’s more to Belfast than Walls” and the 1-hour tour called “Hidden Belfast”. Since we started in 2009 we have had excellent reviews on TripAdvisor.

Group Tours

We organize group tours for larger groups, tailored to your need. Of course we can also arrange black taxi tours in West Belfast or even tours outside the city to for example the Giant Causeway.

We also organize Educational Tours, using modern cultural references such as pop and rock music to relate Belfast to the modern fast changing and turbulent world. A fantastic learning experience that challenges, informs and is also good fun. Tours can be designed to meet key syllabus objectives. Please get in touch for detailed information.



We have had consistent excellent reviews on TripAdvisor since we started in 2009. Our walking tour and one-man show (the show partly based on the walking tour) also gained lot of positive media attention from for example BBC and The Guardian.


A gallery with pictures and videos that give you an idea about our tours and about our tour guide Arthur Magee. Also some music videos with original songs!