The Full History Belfast Political Walking Tour of the Troubles in Belfast
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Troubles Tour Belfast

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Come with us on a walking tour where you’ll explore Belfast’s history of political, economic, and social unrest by visiting key sites associated with the conflict; peace walls, political murals, and the sites of attacks and bombs. 

This tour is a deep dive into the history and impact of the Troubles in Belfast, exploring the physical and emotional barriers that divided communities and the reconciliation efforts that followed. Led by experienced guides with first-hand knowledge of the conflict, this tour provides a powerful and thought-provoking experience.

You’ll learn about the causes of conflict within a historical context and you’ll see how Belfast’s past and future relates to all our stories. You’ll get to know and understand, the history, politics and conflict of Belfast but also the music, art and culture of the complex, wonderful city we call home. This is so much more than a standard tour, it’s an experience that will leave Belfast with you.

Troubles Tour Belfast

Discover history of Belfast's Troubles

Discover the history of Belfast’s Troubles on a walking tour through the city’s streets. Learn about the conflict, its causes, and its impact on the people of Northern Ireland. Explore the Peace Walls, Political Murals, memorials, and landmarks that tell the story of this turbulent time in Belfast’s past. Join us for a fascinating journey through history and gain a deeper understanding of the conflict.

What You Will Do

Starting at Belfast City Hall, you’ll meet your guide, an expert local historian and master storyteller, who has brought Belfast history to life for thousands of visitors from around the world in an original and engaging way, but the ins and outs of this treasure of  a city. From the meeting spot, you’ll proceed to walk in a small group towards the world-renowned Peace Walls. Along the way, you’ll learn about the historical and political aspects of the ‘Troubles,’ as well as the day-to-day realities of life, told in human terms based on lived experience. 

The tour wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the International Wall to view the political art and thought-provoking murals before returning to Belfast City Centre. Along our return, you’ll learn about another side to Belfast, too. You’ll come to appreciate modern Belfast, vibrant and full of creativity and hope. 

The tour is objective, factually accurate and detailed with plenty of time for questions. You will be engaged, informed and undoubtedly entertained. Most importantly, you will leave with a lasting memory of the place we call home, a place we love so much we wrote a book about it, ‘The Little Book of Belfast’.

We can’t wait to welcome you here in Belfast! 

Learn History Of The Troubles

At every step, you will learn about the history of ‘The Troubles’ and civil rights, the prejudiced and hate-filled atmosphere, the emergence of peace walls and political murals, and sites that are central to the story. You’ll receive a unique understanding of  the Troubles and the peace process, and its effect on the city’s economics and industry.

Belfast Walking Tour Reviews

Thomas Burge
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We picked this tour over other options as it includes visits to the most significant locations of the troubles (along Falls Road), whilst others only concentrate on the inner city. Arthur was very knowledgeable and gave a well balanced account of Belfast's history. The tour was well planned, a good duration/distance, and well worth the price. My partner and I really enjoyed our trip to Belfast and would highly recommend this tour to others who are keen to learn more about the troubles.
Steve R
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Arthur gave a group of eight of us an unforgettable experience as we toured Belfast whilst he blended his own musical past with that of Belfast alongside the darker back-story of the "troubles". Not only educational in adding to our admittedly scant understanding but also left us wanting to know more. Heartily recommend!
Anne Leva-Midon
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Arthur's tour left me deeply moved. He was extremely knowledgeable of all facets of the immensely complicated story of Belfast and the Troubles. Always objective, but a very humanistic point of view. Weaving in bits of his personal experience really expanded the narrative. His wonderful wry, Irish sense of humor was a nice balance. I would highly recommend taking this walking tour with Arthur - can't say enough!
John Mo
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We were an extended family group of seven, a mixture of 60ish and 30ish adults. We did a Sunday afternoon walking tour with Steve Malone of Experience Belfast. It was absolutely superb. Knowledge of Belfast was mixed amongst our group but Steve pitched it so well that it worked extremely well for all of us. It was great to get a good overview of Belfast’s history as well as the of the Troubles. Steve dealt with the latter sensibly and sensitively. This has got to be the best way for anyone visiting Belfast to get an understanding of this fantastic city.
Roger Rimel
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Arthur’s tour of Belfast should not be missed. His experience and knowledge of Belfast is so important to understand the complexity and scope of the Troubles which is woven into the fabric of this place. With compassion, humor and honesty Arthur brings to life what happened and the continuing ripple that flows through Belfast and the island itself. One can begin to understand “blue eyed” soul, Irish blues , the anger of the punk movement and the deep connection with the Civil Rights movements in the U. S. And Middle East today. Begin your Irish trip here with Arthur in Belfast and the rest of the trip will be enriched tenfold!
Chiara B
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Arthur gave us an amazing tour of Belfast! He showed us how the troubles have left their marks on the city and as he called it 'are hidden in plain sight"! It was really interesting and we probably would have never seen the things without him pointing them out to us! Would definitely do another tour with him!

Belfast Troubles Walking Tour

Troubles Tour Belfast

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