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Troubles Tour Belfast: Walls & Bridges

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Starting at Belfast City Hall, you’ll meet your guide, a local who knows not just faces and mainstays, but the ins and outs of this treasure of  a city. From the meeting spot, you’ll walk towards the world-renowned Peace Walls. Along the way, you’ll learn about the historical and political aspects of the ‘Troubles,’ as well as the day-to-day realities of life, told in friendly, human terms based on lived experience.

The tour wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the International Wall to view the political art and thought-provoking murals before returning to Belfast City Centre. Along your return, you’ll learn about another side to Belfast. You’ll come to appreciate modern Belfast, vibrant and full of creativity and hope. The tour finishes in a historic church, central to Belfast’s opposition to slavery. 

The aim of the tour is to provide the best understanding of Belfast, to strip away the veneer and look at realities. It looks at the past but also the future and the bigger picture. The tour is objective, factually accurate and detailed with plenty of time for questions. You will be engaged, informed and undoubtedly entertained. Most importantly, you will leave with a lasting memory of the place we call home, a place we love so much we wrote a book about it.


The Peace Walls, International Wall, Political Art and Murals, Belfast City Hall, Linen Hall Library, Spirit of Belfast, Historic Pubs, The Entries, Cathedral Quarter, Albert Clock, Assembly Rooms, First Presbyterian Church