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The Little Book of Belfast

Here you’ll also find reviews for “The Little Book of Belfast”, a book co-written with Raymond O’Regan, with interesting facts about the history of Belfast. This book was published in 2014. The book can be ordered on Amazon and is also available in local bookstores in Belfast.

Clicking on the name of the publication behind the quotes will take you to the full original book review:

“A new book – The Little Book of Belfast – that takes in trade and industry, crime and punishment, music, literature, and sport, architectural heritage and the city’s famous men and women. Written by Raymond O’Regan and Arthur Magee, the book gives a fascinating snapshot of the city.” – Irish News


“Belfast: 10 little-known facts from the quirky to downright unbelievable.” – Belfast Telegraph


“The book is a reliable reference book and a quirky guide, and the authors faced difficulties with the amount of incident and talent the city has produced.” – Local Papers