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Private & Study Tours Of Belfast

Private Tour Of Belfast

Discover one of the world’s most vibrant cities with our private tours of Belfast!

Our local guides are historians, authors, and songwriters, and provide bespoke tours taking in the sights and sounds of the city for either a half-day or full-day.

From historic churches and “The Entries” to the “Peace Walls”, you’ll uncover Belfast’s hidden history with humour, music, and fun.

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Study Groups Belfast Tour

Are you looking for an educational and interactive way to delve into Belfast’s story? Our Study Groups provide an opportunity for  learning, personal exploration and fun.

With a professional guide, we provide tailor-made tours to fit your group’s specific interests and needs. Your group will be guided through the politics and history that led to the Troubles, and you’ll learn about our path to peace and reconciliation.

You’ll visit the Peace Walls and Political Murals, and sites of our hidden, radical past.

Using experiences in pop and rock music, the tour is relatable and fun, but with a serious message that can be tailored for any age range. It includes original songs and icebreakers designed to stir participation. It’s an immersive, interactive experience designed to stimulate, engage, entertain, and inform.

For your Group, we can provide a walking tour, or guide you on your coach or provide a mixture of both.

Group Tours Of Belfast

Experience the best of Belfast through our group tours! Whether you’re a local or a visitor in Northern Ireland, our knowledgeable tour guides are committed to providing you with a memorable and enjoyable time.

Our carefully curated tours offer a unique opportunity to explore the vibrant and historic city of Belfast.

Learn about the city’s rich history through our flagship Troubles Tour: Walls and Bridges, which delves into the impact of the Troubles in Belfast and the reconciliation efforts that followed. If you’re interested in art, culture, music, and culinary scenes, opt for our cultural tour that caters to these interests.

You can also explore the lesser-known parts of Belfast through our best selling book The Little Book of Belfast. Our tours are filled with humour and interesting stories that will make your trip unforgettable. Join us for a tour today and experience Belfast like a local!

Belfast Walking Tour Reviews

Mary Garnder
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Arthur was a very interesting and educated gentleman with a very detailed knowledge of Belfast and its history particularly those relating to this tour. He did not hold back on relaying the true facts which was, whilst refreshing, sometimes hard to understand people and what they were capable of. He was unbiased and gave facts from different sectors, their beliefs and actions. If you are really interested in the history of Belfast please book with Arthur.
Steve R
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Arthur gave a group of eight of us an unforgettable experience as we toured Belfast whilst he blended his own musical past with that of Belfast alongside the darker back-story of the "troubles". Not only educational in adding to our admittedly scant understanding but also left us wanting to know more. Heartily recommend!
Nirmla Devi
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An outstanding tour by the highly knowledgeable and engaging Arthur Magee! A walking tour through the key political, economic and social history of Belfast. We were gripped from the very first minute. Arthur provided deeply insightful commentary delivered with care, sometimes humour and even music and poetry! Absolutely loved it! I wholeheartedly recommend this tour to all who come to Belfast!
Babet G
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Did this guided walking tour with Experience belfast and it was fantastic: a great mix of fun and insight, with a massive shot of Irish craic. Brilliant! I've lived in Northern Ireland for a long time but I learnt so much and enjoyed every minute, and so did my French visitors. Arthur really draws people in, wherever they are from. Highly recommended! Can't wait for more visitors to come over so I can do another tour. Massive thanks Arthur, great fun!
Sandro Frehner
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We loved the Tour with Arthur. It was the best, most honest city tour we've ever done. Arthur has a wealth of knowledge about Belfast and it's rich, but also troubled history. He also mixes in some nice touches like playing music and his great sense of humour. It was only the two of us that booked the tour on this monday morning, but Arthur still came out to do the Tour with us, which we really appreciated. The tour certainly left a lasting impression on us. If you're looking for an honest, informative, very personal and well thought out tour that differts from the standard we-rush-you-to-all-sights-in-record-time tours you get elsewhere, then look no further and book this tour right now.
Poppy Jones
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A brilliant tour from Arthur today. So knowledgable and a real way with words. We also enjoyed his personal anecdotes and music references. Highly recommend for anyone seeking an authentic tour.

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