Belfast Day Tour

If you are looking for a Belfast Day tour to cover most of the history and culture of Belfast, including but not only about the Troubles, this might be the solution for you. In one day you will get the best possible introduction to the city.
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The day starts with the 2.5 hour walking tour ‘There’s More to Belfast than Walls’, described more in detail on our Walking Tour page. During our walk around the City Centre you will get a good idea about this city, combining the information about Belfast with a walk around sights and landmark places.

After this walk we will take you to one of Belfast’s best pubs for a great two course pub lunch with complimentary drink. You have plenty of time to eat and relax in a typical Belfast environment.

After lunch, a black taxi will pick you up from the pub for a guided tour of the ‘peace’ walls and murals in West-Belfast. An interesting, informed day mixing politics and history designed to show and tell the many sides of Belfast’s story.

We’ve used our local knowledge to source the best so you don’t have to.

Arthur Magee - Experience Belfast Day Tour Peace Wall

Duration 6 hours.
Distance covered 3 miles walking in Belfast city centre plus a taxi tour of Shankill/Falls Road in West-Belfast.
Moderate pace.
Price: Varies depending on numbers.
The tour can be tailored to your wishes, please get in touch to discuss or if you have any questions.